Mercury retro…

Mercury and 5 others….!


Mmmm… I have had more than one client contacting me, asking what is going on..??? The energy is heavy, the moods are heavier. Me? Yes, Mercury retrograde has had it’s way with me. I lost my beloved, red, moleskin diary and am deeply disturbed by it. Hoping that it will find it’s way back to me when Mercury goes direct… that is how it works!

I am a Scorpio on top of everything, I hate being exposed. The thought of my diary being read by someone else is scary, even if it is just my grocery list and my to do list and trivial stuff like that!

We have 6 retrograde planets at the moment, the trickster Mercury being the one making the most trouble. But… it is not all bad or lost. Let me explain more about planets going retrograde. The Universal energy is inward, going back to… re-doing, re-deciding, un-doing if you want. People are busy with the past. This can be good or bad. If you want to forgive someone or go back to the drawing board to make a better choice, it can be a good thing.

Mercury rules communication and vehicles amongst other things. Diaries go missing, paperwork can go missing. Internet and cell phones can play up. Misunderstandings are common. Cars break down, planes are late. That is all good to know, and good to be sure to back up and pump up and watch out. Find the gift in every delay. Try and postpone the signing of contracts till the 19th, or you might find it getting undone after… If not possible, read the small print, and the smaller print as well!

I like to work with the positive in every situation. It is an opportunity to do better, to change your mind or outlook.

Time be alert not to say something that can be misunderstood. To go back and say sorry, fix the relationship. Mend fences!

e.g. The project that you are working on, that is not quite as you thought it must be. Stop, re-think. Put (Saturn) boundaries in place, make a better (Mercury) plan and put all your (Mars) energy into it!

Mercury is retrograde for 10 more days. Within a month Saturn and Mars will also go forward and things that have been stuck and difficult will flow much better! Enjoy the gifts in the meantime…!


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