Solar eclipse… heart energy!


 Today we have a solar eclipse in Leo. All about the heart and love and good stuff. Solar eclipses are always on a new Moon (needs), an opportunity to set an intention to make a fresh start in some or other way. This time we have Mercury (mind) retrograde in this party. Going back to the drawing board, rethinking the plan.

Leo is all about taking charge, be the boss of You! Taking your power and put that plan into action, driving it till it flies.

The Sun is so happy in Leo, it is the sign he rules. This is in essence huge supportive energy from the universe.

The Moon is creative in Leo. Make a plan (mercury), do it!

Jupiter (opportunity) is squaring the eclipse. Sending opportunities your way, helping to expand your plan. But take notice… it is a square, it is not going to happen by itself. You need to drive it. Like I said, Leo is the boss… Be that for yourSelf.

Not for selfish reasons, but for the greater good, coming from Love, 4th chakra energy. Leo rules the heart.

The message of the moment and the eclipse in Leo is; Do whatever you dream to do, not for the acknowledgement, but to add love to Life and you will reap Love and acknowledgement as a reward.

In 1999 we had an eclipse in Leo on the exact same degree. What happened in your life in August 1999? What evolved? And what does the Universe want you to take charge of?

Quick example of how it plays out in a chart; Say you have the eclipse on the cusp of your 1st house (self image, physical body). Then you might find yourself reinventing yourself completely. How you physically look and how you present yourself to the world. You might have a fresh sense of Self. Take charge of your life. Really start looking at what you put after; I am…

Ask yourSelf, who am I really? Why am I here?

Accept your own beauty and start celebrating it. Change the way you think or talk about Self. Be your own boss and break down the negative beliefs you might have about yourSelf. Not allowing anyone or thing to stand in your way to Being… in stead of doing! You are enough and supported by Life! Let go of fear, embrace Love!

p.s. If you want to know how this is playing out on your chart… you know where to find me! I offer a 15 minute free telephone or Skype session to discuss options, should you be interested. Drop me a private message with your details and requirements on Face book or on my website.

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